source: section of the omega or swan nebula, hubble telescope, via
source: umayyad mosque in damascus, syria, suzy bennett for alamy, via
the umayyad mosque was built on the site of a christian basilica after the muslim conquest of damascus. inside the mosque stands a shrine that may still hold the head of saint john the baptist, and the tomb of saladin stands in an adjoining garden. it is the among the most holy sites in islam.
source: “faded laurels,” date unknown, edmund blair leighton, via
source: summer flowers in oregon city, july 2012, thom zehrfeld.
source: “salomé,” alexandre-georges-henri regnault, 1870, via the metropolitan museum of art, new york city.
source: “sunset over the adriatic,” date unknown, ivan fedorovich choultse, via fleurdulys.
source: coffre dit d’anne d’autriche, filigrane d’or, dix septième siècle, via musée du louvre.
this box is thought to have belonged to anne of austria, queen consort to louis xiii of france from 1615 to 1643. its origin is unknown, but presumably, it is the work of a parisian goldsmith.

why must we cling to all that makes us miserable?

source: “fire in stone,” lower antelope canyon, arizona, erik harrison.
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source: “the magic crystal,” sir francis bernard dicksee, 1894, via fleurdulys.
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